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McKeever Hills Ski Trail



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McKeever Hills Ski Michigan Trail MapMcKeever Hills Ski Trail

Cross Country Ski McKeever Hills Ski TrailHiking McKeever Hills

McKeever Hills

Trail Distance:

13 kilometers long with 3 loops from 1 kilometer to 7 kilometers long.

Trail Description:

Looking for a quieter, less manicured alternative to highly groomed trails without sacrificing quality? McKeever Hills offers loops for skiers at a range of skill levels, including many downhill runs, and the trails are only periodically packed and tracked. Six miles of trail pass beside several lakes and through various forest types, Also, if you would enjoy a peaceful night amid the stars and moonlight, rent McKeever cabin, a rustic log cabin on the west shore of McKeever Lake.

The route is open daily during daylight hours from December through April, depending on snow conditions. No trail fee is required. Trail loops are packed occasionally, but are generally ungroomed. Trail segments are well-marked with blue diamonds starting at the trailhead, and are marked at each trail junction. Location maps are posted at all trail intersections. A small parking lot off H-13 is available at the entrance to the trailhead.

The Trail Loops

  • Trail A (.3 mi/.5 km ) - Gentle terrain with few slopes, appropriate for beginners or for a warm-up.
  • Trail B (Approximately 3 mi/ 4.8 km) - Designed as a long scenic trail for the intermediate skier, this loop has lots of variety and offers views of Kimble, Pete's and McKeever Lakes.
  • Trail C (Approximately 2 mi/ 3.2 km) - This short but difficult route circumnavigating Wedge Lake is designed for the expert skier.


Caution should be used when skiing these trails. Although trails are occasionally groomed, some spots may be icy or uneven or may have twigs. Under icy conditions, skiing is not safe because it becomes difficult to maintain control within the designed limits of the trail.

Be aware of changing weather conditions and personal fatigue which can increase the hazards of the out-of-doors. Use the "buddy system" to make your outing safer and more enjoyable. Ski only to your ability.

Observe courtesy on the trail

  • Repair the track after falls.
  • Allow faster skiers to pass.
  • Ski in the direction indicated on the maps. Skiing in the wrong direction can jeopardize your safety and that of others.
  • Keep far apart when descending hills.
  • Try to avoid snowshoeing on the groomed tracks if possible.
  • Please pick up after your dog.

courtesy of www.algercounty.com and USDA Forest Service.

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