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Drummond Island



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Drummond Island

Drummond Island Land Trails

Cross countrt skiing Drummond Island Mountain biking Drummond IslandSnowmobile Drummond Island

Trail Distance:

Many miles with many loops.

Trail Paths:

  • Drummond Island Resort - 8 miles
  • Big Shoal Beach - 8 miles
  • Rockhound Run-Maxton Plains - 12 miles
  • Warners Cove-Canoe Bay Loop - 15 miles
  • Marble Head Epic - 14 miles

Drummond Island River Trails

Kayak Drummond Island

Trail Description:

Drummond Island is located at the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula, and and includes a collection of 56 small islands. Most of these islands are located in Pottagannissing Bay provide a great opportunity for kayaking on fairly protected water.

Most of the smaller islands are in Pottagannissing Bay, northwest of the main island. It's possible to paddle extensively among the islands without being more than about half a mile from shore. Many privately owned islands, but several are public lands. The largest, Harbor Island, is horseshoe shaped with a protected bay in the middle. The south shore of the island also provides a convoluted coastline with paddling potential.

Drummond Island can be accessed by a quick ferry ride from DeTour, at a cost of around $10 per round trip, or you can put in at DeTour and paddle across the shipping channel.

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