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Two Hearted River



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Two Hearted River

Two Hearted River Trail

Kayak Two Hearted River

The Two Hearted River is unmatched for its scenic beauty. Your trip will take your through the wilderness on northern Luce County. The Two Heart River was immortalized in the writings of Ernest Hemingway. Forget your troubles and come and enjoy wilderness experience. Wildlife is abundant so bring your camera.

The Two Hearted River is a short river, approximately 25 mi (40 km) long in northern Michigan in the United States. It drains a forested wilderness area of the eastern Upper Peninsula into Lake Superior. It rises in several short branches in northeastern Luce County approximately 15 mi (24 km) southeast of Grand Marais. The North and West branches meet approximately 8 mi (13 km) SSE of Deer Park. The main branch flows generally northeast, approaching Lake Superior at a sharp angle. It enters the lake approximately 10 mi (16 km) east of Deer Park.

A Michigan Historic Marker commemorates the Two-Hearted Life-Saving Station built in 1876 at the river mouth. It was a simple two-story building with a small lookout tower manned by six to eight volunteer surfmen who conducted the brave rescues of the Satellite (1879) and the Phineas S. Marsh (1896). The station, along with the rest of the United States Life-Saving Service, was integrated into the U.S. Coast Guard in 1915, decommissioned in the 1930s, and its structures were razed in 1944.[1] [2]

The river is a popular destination for recreational fishing. As such, it was the title of a famous short story, "Big Two-Hearted River", by U.S. author Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway used the name because of its appeal; however, the geography of the story indicates that Hemingway was really describing a different trout stream, the Fox River near Seney. The story, set after World War I, was first published in 1925 as part of the collection In Our Time and republished in 1972 as part of The Nick Adams Stories.

Bell's Brewery, a craft brewery based in Kalamazoo, Michigan makes an India Pale Ale named Two Hearted.


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