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Hannahville Indian Reservation

The Hannahville Indian Reservation is a Potawatomi Reservation and according to records the current location was found in 1884 under the direction of Methodist Missionary, Peter Marksman. Little information is available through the Missionary records as the presiding elders or missionary failed to keep detailed records of the Mission.

The original settlement is thought to have been along the mouth of the Big Cedar River, on Lake Michigan.

The people of Hannahville are descendents of those who refused to leave Michigan in 1834 during the great Indian Removal. They lived with the Menominee in Northern Wisconsin, and the Ojibway and Ottawa people in Canada. In 1853 some these people began returning to Michigan. It was at this time they settled along the Big Cedar River.

Church records report that Marksman was sent to the area as an assistant, rather than the presiding Missionary. During this time he has been credited with finding a parcel of land and moving the Potawatomi people to the current location. According to church records, the people were very fond of Marksman wife, Hannah and named their community after her.

In 1913, Congress acknowledged the Hannahville Potawatomi and purchased 3.400 acres of land in scattered parcels and added another 39 acres in 1942. The people of Hannahville have been federally recognized since 1936.

About the Hannahville Learn and Serve Project

  • Provide accurate information about the Hannahville Indian Community, a Potawatomi Reservation located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  • Provide accurate non-stereotype information about the Woodland Indians of Upper Michigan: the Chippewa, the Ottawa and the Potawatomi.
  • Keep abreast of changing technology that will allow the library to better serve the Hannahville Indian Community and other Native American and non-Native American Communities.
  • Provide training to key personnel in digital and telecommunications technology.

The Hannahville Indian Community of Wilson, Mich., uses service-learning as one strategy to preserve its culture.

Learn and Serve America is administered by the Corporation for National and Community Service, which also oversees Senior Corps and AmeriCorps. In addition to making grants, Learn and Serve America serves as a national resource on service-learning to nonprofit groups, educational institutions, teachers, faculty members, schools, and community groups. Together with the USA Freedom Corps, the Corporation is working to build a culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility. For further information, visit www.nationalservice.gov.




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