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Davidson Lakes

Davidson Lakes

Hiking at Davidson Lakes

Trail Length:

6.1 miles plus many side trails.


640 acres with many hiking trails.


From Trout Creek, drive north on Gardner Road for five miles to Five Mile Road. Turn right (east) and continue 1 mile. The road turns into a drive able sand trail. Follow it for 3 miles until you see a sign for Davidson Lakes Hunter Walking Trail and a gate closing the trail road to vehicles. There is a small parking area near the gate.


This site is less than a mile west of the Ontonagon River and contains a rich diversity of habitats and an inviting maze of hiking trails. Habitat types on the sandy to loamy soils include mixed hardwood/conifer, aspen, red, jack and white pine, upland grassy openings, tamarack, black spruce and wetlands with sedge meadows. Occasional logging operations such as selection cuts and clear cuts have added to the age diversity of forest types and wildlife habitats. In mid to late summer sugar plums, wild cherries, raspberries, and blueberries are scattered along the trail or semi-open areas. The hiking trails include a 6.1-mile loop trail with two shorter cut-offs and many short side trails that make the area easy to explore. All trails are easy hiking but seasonally may have wet areas. Maps are posted at the site, or are available at the Forest Service ranger station in Kenton (which manages the area) or the Forest Supervisor's office in Ironwood.

Wildlife Viewing:

For mammal viewing, the open or brushy areas are good places to look for deer, fox, coyotes, badger, or black bear. Look for wolf tracks on the sandy trails. Although resident in the area, wolves travel widely and likely will not be seen close up. Fishers and martens, Michigan's larger members of the weasel family, are both residents of this area. These secretive predators, like wolves, are rarely seen by humans. Beavers, river otters, and mink may be seen in the wetlands of this area and on the nearby Ontonagon River. These aquatic mammals are best seen at dawn and dusk by quiet, stealthy observers.

In wetland and sedge areas bats are common, along with many birds, including sandhill cranes, geese, a variety of ducks, and marsh birds such as the sedge wren, American bittern, sora, and swamp sparrow. In the more open upland sites woodcock, ruffed grouse, chestnut-sided and yellow warblers, vesper and white-throated sparrows, and an occasional Lincoln's sparrow may be seen. In the deeper hardwood/conifer forests listen for black-throated blue and black-throated green warblers, ovenbirds, vireos, scarlet tanagers, hermit thrushes, brown creepers, winter wrens, and the occasional pileated woodpecker. Keep your eyes open for large raptors such as the bald eagle, red-shouldered hawk, or broad-winged hawk; all residents of the area.

The diversity of habitats, particularly wetland types, are home to many reptiles and amphibians. These may include the wood, painted and snapping turtles, garter snakes, American toads, green frogs, gray tree frogs, spring peepers, and mink frogs. In the spring and early summer, try your hand at identifying frogs and toads by their own very distinctive call after dark.

This area is closed to motor vehicles, but open to walk-in public hunting. Contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for hunting seasons and regulations.

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Information courtesy of the Department of Natural Resources

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